This Picture
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More awesome than I can describe...

A Couple More
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Kind of me (cigarette drawn for fun, I don't actually smoke and yes I know the eyes are too wide apart):

Representation of my friend Bryan (no, he doesn't smoke either lol):

New St00f
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Did a couple drawings for my friend in a new style I'm trying to develop. Still in infancy. Working on it.

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Why So Serious?
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From a T-Shirt design at the awesome website
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This is kind of my art blog, and since I haven't been doing much art lately, it hasn't gotten much attention. I've been focusing on my writing a lot more (since, well, that is my major now so it's kinda helpful to focus on it). So, I made a sort of 'writing-themed blog' which I am posting in now, which you can find here.